Low-Cost Wedding Ideas


In a practical view, opting for a low-cost wedding is always the choice of many couple. If you want to save money on your wedding, you could always settle with cheap wedding ideas that will still allow you to have an elegant wedding that won’t look cheap. There are many affordable choices out there that perfectly fit to your desired budget. Yes, you have to determine your budget that you want to spend for your wedding.

Think of this, wedding outfits can cost you a fortune and can only wearable most likely once. This is one of many factors in determining your expenses, why buy new ones when you can rent for an affordable price anyway? Men’s tuxedo’s are often rent-able, but you can also rent for other wedding dresses like the bridal gown. You can rent or make your own veil as well.

If you know how to bake cakes, feel free to bake your own wedding cake or let your friend do it for you. If you don’t have sufficient materials, you can always rent various pans you need for the layers and freeze the cake until to thaw it for decorating. Opt for cheaper one like a plain chocolate or white cake instead of dreaming for a fruit cake. Most people like the tastes of simple cakes, though. The decoration of the cake doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can take the cake to a bakery to be decorated, which will only cost you for the icing and the time. Or, you can do things more cheaply by decorating the cake in your own way.

You can also save money by having a pot luck wedding reception. Today, many people are now wanting this style of offering a meal at the reception than hiring caterers and paying for every hot or cold meal they will serve. When you send out your invitations, you can ask the guests to bring along their favorite dishes. Although some will not like this idea you will have a wide range of foods to offer for the meal many more than you have with a catered meal. If you have the wine on each table, this can be wine you made and bottled yourself by using a wine kit. You can give the guests two free drinks if there is a cash bar in your reception. Nowadays guests normally accept that they will have to pay for all their drinks, so you don’t have to pay for all the drinks at the wedding.

When it comes to your big day, you should have a wedding dress that makes you look and feel beautiful. The key to this is by picking the best wedding dress designers who creates dresses that are both flattering and fashionable.

Instead of hiring photographers, you can ask your guest to give you a copy of each photo they take. Since most of the people now use digital cameras, you can simply ask them to have all your photos emailed to you. You can then buy photo papers and print as many as you want. You can also have these enlarged at any photo store because they are not copyrighted. Apart from wedding photographs as your own keepsakes, you want also to give affordable keepsakes for your guests and attendants. It is not mandatory to buy expensive wedding favors. You can always choose cheap wedding favors as well as inexpensive bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts. Purchase them in bulk to save money again.

Wedding Gift Ideas For Gentlemen


The trick of finding the perfect wedding gifts for your groomsmen and best man is to know their likes and to buy accordingly. After all, these are your buddies and you want to thank them for their priceless to make your wedding day successful. However, you should bare in mind that there are different kinds of personality men have, so consider the list of gift ideas below that can help you come up with the best gifts to give for your wedding gentlemen.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

For groomsmen and best man who love the outdoors, gifts should be related to their thrilling passion. You may purchase outdoor gears and other practical outdoor items that they can use during their weekend getaway. Or perhaps encourage them to relax on their vacation with a hammock. But if you are not totally sure on what to give, hand each of them a gift certificate to an outdoor store. This is another good idea which ables them to pick their own choice of outdoor supplies. Other cool ideas include pocket knives, camping kits, back packs, hiking boots and binoculars.

Technology Enthusiasts

If your gentlemen are fans of modern technologies, present them new gadgets that will make their eyes light up. These gadgets works well especially for guys that are professional type and are often have business trips to meet certain business requirements. If you budget won’t allow you, as hi-tech gadgets can be very expensive, you could always give something to complement such as leather laptop case or desk organizer where they can put keep their cellphones and ipod while at the office.

Cooking Enthusiasts

If a couple of your men loves to cook often, then why not present them cooking materials that can include in their kitchen? Anything that has to do with their cooking passion is sure to be a success. Choices are cookbooks, BBQ tool set, baking set, aprons and other kitchen appliances that make their cooking easier. This idea, however, are often overlooked when it comes to giving gifts for to men.

Sports Enthusiasts

For guys who are active in sports, gifts like sports gears can encourage them to strive more for their sporty passion. However, this idea doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy real sports stuff. Rather, you feel free to buy sports related items or men’s stuff that have touch of sporty appeal. You can give golf, tennis, or football theme cufflinks, mugs and watches. Other choices include sports-themed picture frames, miniature sports desk accessories, vintage pub signs and the like.

Today, tons of unique wedding gifts are available worldwide. One of the hottest are personalized gifts which can either made from engraved or embroidered items. You can have engraved flasks, key rings, pocket knives, cufllinks and other engravable gifts. Or you could always choose embroidered gifts like sports bags, leather items, neck ties, towels, handkerchief and others. Wondering where to get these gifts? Consider browsing the Internet to locate different Online stores that can offer you wide assortment of personalized gifts for groomsmen and best man.

Helpful Ideas on Picking Out a Wedding Gown


Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. This is the time to that you will want to look and feel your best. Your wedding will reflect to others how you feel about the person to whom you are marrying, some of your tastes, style, and ideas. To get some help on the style of wedding gown that you are looking for the best-wedding-dress web site has a huge selection of gowns by different designers to view .

Your wedding gown is one of the most important aspects for your wedding and you will want to take your time . There is a huge selection of dresses to choose from. Start by narrowing down the best type of style first . Will a A-line flatter your body type or a Ball gown bridal gown. Remember the Mirror never lies. The best-wedding-dress- guide will help you with a lot of unanswered questions that you may have about your bridal gown and a whole lot more.

When you start looking start with the bridal magazines. The bridal magazines will give you some really great ideas of some of the awesome dresses that are out there. Now if money is a major concern you may want to check out a seamstress . These are some vogue patterns and patterns on the internet to purchase. The great thing about making your own style designer dress is that you can make it similar to some of the very expensive gowns for a fraction of the cost. Remember you will also want to take into consideration where you are going to purchase your material from for your gown. You can also price shop for fabrics on the internet. You may also find better bargains.

Some of the gowns that you see in the magazines have great detailing which makes the cost of the dress go up tremendously. If you have a good seamstress and start early enough where she can have enough time to do detailing you will have a stunning gown that looks perfect. The best thing is that you will be saving literally hundred of dollars.

Next when you do start shopping consider the time of year. Will you wedding be in the spring, winter ,summer or fall. You will also want to consider the type of wedding. Will you have a beach wedding. If you do have a beach wedding and it is a very hot time of the year a gown that is strpless may be a better choice. You can even choose from a short wedding dress to a tea length wedding gown. If your wedding is in the winter you will need a gown with sleeves and a gown of heaver weight material. You will need to also ask your self do you want a white gown or a ivory gown.

If you are on a budget you may want to consider eBay as a choice to get a gown. Remember there are a lot of places out there to find bargains . You will need to start early for this . If you order a gown online and it is not what your thought it would be you will need time to send it back. Always when you are ordering a gown on line order it a one size bigger. The reason for this is that it is easier to take a gown in then to let it out.

Groomsmen Checklist: Must Read Before Any Wedding!


While there are only a few big days that are really life changing, a wedding day is bound to be one of the highest on the list. The planning and cost of pulling off an extravagant event like a wedding shows just how important it can be. On this day that will be remembered by a couple their whole lives, everyone wants to look their best. This is especially true of those in the wedding party. Everyone has their eyes forward, and that means the stage is set for the groomsmen to stand tall. A few basic parts of the outfit for the groomsmen will have to be in place for the big day.


Before the big day even arrives, the bride and the groom need to decide on what color of tux the groom is going to wear, along with the dress color of the bridesmaids. Then the available hues can be looked at in the local tux shop. Also, a tuxedo shop will have the latest designs and freshest looks on display so that the guys can get a real feel for the outfit and how it will look on all of them. Usually, the best time to check out the tux shop is during mid-week. This will ensure that the clerk has plenty of time to wait on you, and everyone can work together to come to the right decision.

Vest/Comber bun:

While the traditional comber bun may not be the first choice everyone, it has become okay just to wear a vest. This is the look that many more guys are going with on their big day. A properly fitted jacket goes well with a vest, and can complete a very debonair contrast with the bridesmaids.

Cuffed Shirt:

Some wedding parties may call for a colored shirt to be worn, but most will keep everything in the groomsmen outfits simply black and white. Whatever the color, be sure that the shirt is tailored fitted to be worn well under the vest and jacket. Also, having each groomsmen wear matching cufflinks is a classy touch to the whole wedding party. When wearing a fine suit or tuxedo, a cuffed shirt is a good idea no matter what the occasion. Not only that but it’s also a great idea to purchase some cufflinks that are very specific to each groomsmen’s style. Purchasing online is recommended as you’ll find a huge selection at affordable prices while many time, locally you’ll be stuck looking at only a couple of sets.


Getting the groomsmen matching shoes may not be a small, easy task. This is one area that would be best to get handled early in the game. Basic black is always a safe bet, but be sure to pick a style that will complement the suit or tux. Smooth lines and fine laces are a great way to keep it simple, yet sharp. Make sure they are comfortable as you’ll need a comfy pair in shoes in case the party lasts all night long!

Traditional or Artistic: The Best Photography Style For Your Wedding


Your wedding day is the most awaited and special day of your entire life. The preparation alone took a great deal of time, money and effort on your part. Every detail has to be perfect, from the wedding gown to the wedding favors you are going to give away. Every part of the wedding is very important but special attention should be given in choosing the perfect photographer for your big day. Your wedding photography in Phoenix was already chosen but still you have this dilemma if you will go for a traditional style of photographs or an artistic approach.

Traditional style remains to be one of the most popular styles of wedding photography. This is a tried and tested technique wherein the perfection and quality of each image can be achieved by correct positioning and proper lighting effects. A controlled environment permits creating an ideal set up wherein every detail can be managed to achieve the best images as possible. In this method, a sense of timelessness and accuracy can be attained.

Traditional photographers have exceptional skills in doing portraits. They make sure their subjects will look flawless and shown in the best possible light. He looks over every detail like the lighting equipment, background, body alignment and even the wedding dress has to be perfect. Unfortunately, setting up this equipment takes time and becomes a hassle for the flow of the wedding.

An increasingly popular style besides the traditional one is the artistic approach. This method is a growing trend in modern photography wherein creative expression and story telling approaches are becoming more and more admired.

Artistic photography allows a photographer to use his artistic skills to show the story that is going on behind the wedding. This method is known for its distinctive and unusual use of light and angles that result in extraordinary and unique images. One particular style that is emerging nowadays is the candid or journalistic type of photography. These shots occur naturally and sometimes the couple or their guests are unaware that the picture is being taken.

A good artistic photographer will use the atmosphere and background of the wedding ceremony and location to have a desired effect. Shadows, lighting and focus are also very important factors to be considered in order to achieve a stunning image.

Which style is best, is really a decision of the couple. If you want your wedding photography Phoenix to be timeless and classic then the traditional style is the best one for you but if you want your pictures to tell the story of your wedding day, then the photojournalistic style is the right one for you. No particular style is superior than the other because it is still a matter of your personal preference. If ever you still find it hard to decide which one is the best for you then it is recommended that you opt for a combination of these two great styles.